You want to get into Aesthetic Medicine, but where do you begin?

First, let’s take a moment and really ask yourself the questions. “Do you want it badly enough.” “Do you have the drive, the time, and the energy to change careers?” If you answered yes, then we are here to help you achieve your goal in facial aesthetics.  It will not be an easy road, and even though you want to be successful and earn a fantastic living, there will be times where you wonder if you have what it takes.


First things first, you will need to complete a registered nursing program or advanced medical degree.  Each state has differing requirements, so it is important to start by researching your individual state’s laws regarding who can inject.  In the state of Arizona, a registered nurse can become an injector if he or she is working under a physician medical director. The medical director does not have to be in house, but must be available via phone.  Legally, you order product under your medical directors DEA license, and the product is shipped only to a business address. I have many friends who own their own med spas, but personally, I prefer to work under a physician who is also my medical director.


Currently, the state of Arizona is in the process of cracking down on non-licensed injectors who are practicing illegally.  They are putting their patients and themselves at risk for adverse events as well as legal litigation. Anyone can watch a youtube video and think they can inject, but what sets a competent and skilled injector apart is their knowledge of anatomy and complication management.


If you are currently going through a nursing program and are trying to get into the industry, I strongly suggest you try to get a preceptorship in the OR.  Plastic Surgeons do surgery; hence you will have a better opportunity meeting surgeons and building relationships if you see them every day. Once you have completed a year of new graduate OR experience, begin asking around to see if any surgeon is looking for assistance in office.  This is something many times you can do part-time while continuing to work in the OR. Often, surgeons prefer to hire medical assistants because they can pay them less, however, your goal is to get your foot in the door, and to get experience. To do that, you may need to work for less money.


Reality alert…. You will not get out of nursing school and make six figures.  I worked two years for a plastic surgeon and earned less than most medical assistants per year.  I looked at it as my residency. In exchange for cheap pay, I got invaluable experience that I still use to this day.  


What if you have an advanced degree already, and are trying to make the break into aesthetics?  You are already one step ahead, so congratulations! Now is the time to invest in yourself. You will need approximately four training programs the first year to begin to feel confident.  I personally needed twice that. To this day I spend around $20,000 per year on additional training programs for myself. They are my gift to myself, my security blanket, and much more valuable than a Chanel bag.


Once you are ready to invest in a training program do not be guided by anything other than the quality of the program.  There are several large training centers who train thousands of injectors each year. They may be adequate for some people, however, as a new injector you need much more one on one time.  For this reason, I have developed an in-depth new injector immersion program. You can spend a day shadowing me to learn facial mapping skills and the art of the consultation. You will learn my personal injection tips and tricks that have allowed me to provide fabulous and safe results for my clients.  The second day we begin with an in-depth anatomy and physiology of the face class along with an injection lab. Lastly, you will have the entire day to inject clients perfecting all your skills. As a part of our program, we also provide mentoring and references. I get asked weekly to recommend injectors that I have personally trained for employment.  I would like to recommend you!


So, you finished a training program…. Now what?  It is important to begin injecting as soon as possible.  If you do not already have a job, start applying immediately.  There are many options for new injectors including med spas. My advice?  Take a job, any job. At this point in your career, you can not be too picky.  Once you get that job, hustle. Then hustle some more. Ask your local Allergan and Galderma reps for additional trainings.  Reach out to other injectors you respect and ask if they provide private training. Never stop learning to perfect your craft, and never think you know everything!  I have so many mentors in this industry, and my goal is to be that for my trainees. We are one tribe, there are enough patients for us all. By raising the bar in aesthetic education, we will improve outcomes and therefore grow the industry.

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6 thoughts on “You want to get into Aesthetic Medicine, but where do you begin?”

  1. Thank you, I finished medical school, then enter Psychiatry Residency, but my passion has always been aesthetic medicine. Thank you so much for writing this

  2. Sherry Larrisa Miller

    Very interested in aesthetic medicine. Been a PA for over 20 years and ready for new excitement and a change

  3. I was graduated from medical laboratory sciences I have phd degree in medical laboratory science . l would like to shift to aesthetics career I need your help to know from where I should start

    1. Justine Baliwag

      Hi Lanyaa, I will be graduating as Medical Technologist this year and would like to shift as well in the aesthetic field. May I know what steps did you take so far? Thanks

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